Winston Churchill Appreciation Post

It would’ve been remiss of me not to take the few opportunities that I had to engage with the eponymous reason that I’m able to take this trip. For those looking to undertake their own Churchill pilgrimage, here are some tips:

In addition to the almost mandatory visit to the Churchill statue in Westminster, don’t forget about the Churchill Arms in Kensington. In addition to being able to go for a wander around Kensington, it’s a great little pub.

If you’re looking to travel a little further, I had the good fortune to have a day off in Kent – which gave me a chance to pay a visit to Chartwell, Churchill’s former home (now a museum). It provides a really great view into the personal life of Churchill and his family, and is home to some genuinely beautiful grounds and a studio full of Churchill’s paintings. Yes, in addition to being a wartime PM and Nobel Laureate, the man was a prolific painter (with some skill) as well.

As a bonus: Whilst on that pilgrimage I also discovered that there is an undocumented (at least on the Wikipedia listing of Churchill statues) statue of the man on the green in Westerham (5 minutes from Chartwell). There is also the Churchill Bar at the nearby Grasshopper on the Green pub where – if you are so inclined – you can indulge in a Churchill Burger!

Oh, and go and watch The Darkest Hour if you haven’t already.

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